Venue: Adaptation, 39th & Locust St., Philadelphia, PA

FRONTIER focuses on artists with the conviction to transform the established into the new, in dynamic and inventive ways. The exhibition presents a cross-section of work in various media, focusing on local artists attempting to discover and create new possibilities within their medium. These artists and performers are at the forefront of their practice: perpetually redetermining the the tools that they utilize to create. FRONTIER showcases artists and performers that are as dedicated to advancing the potentials of their medium as they are to the craft that that goes into their creations.

Participating Artists and Performers

Brookes Britcher, Dan Mahlman, Christopher Motta, Lydia Mandell, Lu Thain, Gavin Riley, John Gallagher, Robert Frasier, Eric Lubrick & Rachel Dove , Michael Glowacki, Anthony – Redd, Drew & the Medicinal Pen, Rowan and Hastings, Rebel Is America

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