Venue: Adaptation, 39th & Locust St., Philadelphia, PA

If you can’t make it good – make it big. If you can’t make it good and big – make it big and red.“: Collier Schorr (Yale University – School of Art)

The contemporary landscape of art is dominated by the prevalence of large-scale work, and often unjustified scale decisions. The trend of producing larger and larger pieces or prints or paintings has potentially fostered a loss of appreciation for the potency of the potential for work created on a smaller scale. MYCHROPHOBIALACTIC attempts to present artists that express their ideas on a tiny scale, proving that a big thought can be just as loud as a small object. Through often neurotic and cumulative practice these artists employ small marks or piles or words to develop a unique resonance in their work that could not exist at another scale. Often it is the most subtle or understated creation that can generate the purest dialogue between concept and viewer.

Participating Artists and Performers

Doug Johnston, Heather Lowe, Brookes Britcher, Lu Thain, Lauren Otto & Bohdan Darway, Matthew Price, Won Kyoung Lee, Nora Baglivo, Chirpin’ Hard (Brooklyn, NY)

Image Credit: (Top: Doug Johnston, Front: Heather Lowe)

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