Slow Graffitti

Venue: Adaptation, 39th & Locust St., Philadelphia, PA

SLOW GRAFFITI is an event that attempts to examine the landscape in which language can generate new possibilities for its application and interpretation. The notion of “verbal” is a dramatically expanding and interpretive idea in our highly media-driven contemporary culture. Our total bombardment by text and image has potentially obstructed our abilities as a society to decipher the real meaning behind the language we employ. SLOW GRAFFITI attempts to present an environment in which to interact with language, and what it inspires, with the hopes of fostering a new excitement about its potentials as a creative device.

Participating Artists

Christopher Motta, Brookes Britcher, Emily Chimiak, Chelsea Simon, Alexander Connor, Zac Iannucci, Kelly Clancy, Eric Kenney, Heather Noonan, Anne-Margot Ramstein, Daniel J. Falatko (Taylor & Francis Publishing), Laura Hagans Smith (University of Pennsylvania), Alexander Hampshire (The New School)


Image Credit: (Top: Anne-Margot Ramstein, Front: Alexander Conner)

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