Venue: New Wilmington Art Association, Wilmington, DE

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“Then she told him a story. ‘Once upon a time, in the early part of the century, there lived a poet. He was so old he had to be taken on walks by his amanuensis. ‘Master’, his amanuensis said one day, ‘look what’s up in the sky! It’s the first airplane to ever fly over the city!’ ‘I have my own picture of it,’ said the poet to his amanuensis, without raising his eyes from the ground. Well, I have my own picture of Palermo. It has the same hotels and cars of all cities. And my studio always has new and different pictures.”   – Milan Kundera (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) [1984]

This exhibition explores concepts of home, place and destination through the diverse works of 11 American photographers from Philadelphia, Wilmington, New York, Boston and Johnstown.

Live musical performances by Technological Epidemic, The One and Only Matt Miller and members of MyIdeaOfFun (Johnstown, Pa) will follow the opening reception Friday, September 10th.

Participating Artists

Jaime Alvarez, Ron Brignac, Lauren Caulk, Jacob Koestler, Kerry Kolenut, Catherine Maloney, Andrew Maydoney, Chelsea Memmolo, Christopher Motta, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Eddie Whelan


Way Finding (Wilmington) / Andrew Maydoney

The Delaware Historical Society & Museum
Willingtown Square
504 Market Street, Wilmington, De


As part of the upcoming NWAA exhibition Wanderlust Boston-based artist Andrew Maydoney will be installing a full-scale authentic Mongolian built yurt in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. The project, entitled Way Finding (Wilmington), involves the artist inhabiting a region temporarily, experiencing and photographing the community. The images created are then translated into a massive original cyclorama housed within the yurt for public display and reflection. The process is then repeated in other towns and cities as the artist and space become a transient forum for the discovery of a new place, a new “home” and a new meaning created by its location.

“What does it mean to experience a moment in between? Contemporary photographic practice brings much of the exotic, glamorous, mundane and profane across our field of vision every day––television, newspapers, magazines, the internet and of course, our own personal collection of photographs of family, loved ones, grand public spaces and intimate places. With photography as my primary interest, I work in three major forms: print, collage and installation. My work examines the seams and the gaps that exist in between. The departure point is somewhere between the traditions of street photography and anthropology but the meandering and ultimate destination lie elsewhere–most often found between something extraordinary and something ordinary. There is something important between you and me. And I think it can be found in what I believe to be true but I can not prove: in our contemporary condition, there exists an evolving street theology.” / Andrew Maydoney

Andrew Maydoney is a Boston-based artist, collector and arts advocate. He received his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and his BFA from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth. Previously, he acted as the Vice President of Sametz Blackstone Associates (Boston, MA).

Mr. Maydoney has been a guest lecturer and critic at the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), the Association of Independent Research Institutions (AIRI), Carleton University (Ottawa, CA), the Corporate Design Foundation, Craft Organizational Development Association (CODA), Interchange Conference on Higher Education, Johnson School of Management (Cornell University), Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University), New England Institute of Art (NEIA), University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, and the Worcester Center for Craft. He currently serves on the Root Cause Institue Advisory Board and the Fuller Craft Museum Board of Directors.

The Daily Camera (Wilmington) / Jacob Koestler

Chris White Gallery – Shipley Lofts / 701 Shipley Street, Wilmington, DE

The Daily Camera (2007-10) is a sort-of journal with 24 frames each and every day for three years. The grid insinuates a structure and a sense of passing time. Sometimes monotonous, one day is an exertion of some undeveloped idea, while another is misspent and brimming with debaucheries. Any sense of clarity lies somewhere in between and usually after the fact.”

In conjunction with exhibiting selections from The Daily Camera (2007-10) in Wanderlust, Jacob Koeslter has invited area residents to create their own “daily camera”; photographing their lives within the City of Wilmington – everyday, 24 times a day, for two weeks. 3,360 new images will be generated by the local community; documenting and discovering the beautiful, the mundane and the real in their lives. Mr. Koeslter will make selections from this work resulting in an future exhibition.

Jacob Koestler is a Johnstown, Pa-based artist, photographer and musician. His projects have been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Photography – Columbia College (Chicago, Il), the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pittsburgh, Pa), the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (Philadelphia, Pa), the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (Philadelphia, Pa) and the New Wilmington Art Association (Wilmington, De). Mr. Koestler currently acts as a Director of MyIdeaOfFun, a creative and performing arts collective located in Johnstown, Pa.

(Image credit: Jaime Alvarez)

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