Ambassador: Keith Coleman (December 2011)

Venue:  8517 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

The Chestnut Hill Arts Initiative (CAi) brings provocative and contemporary art to historical Germantown Avenue, the commercial and social corridor of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

This Winter Adaptation and the Chestnut Hill Arts Initiative (CAi) invites NYC-based photographer Keith Coleman to Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia to create Ambassador, a large-scale photographic portrait project executed in conjunction with long-term area merchants and members of the service economy. In the tradition of August Sander’s Portraits of German Citizens (1910-1940), Ambassador aims to investigate the personalities, characters and people who form the working fabric of a small “village” community. The large-scale portraits created for public display present a resonant contemporary vision of the people who define a place, as well as an “archive” of the faces of a labor community at a given moment in its history. In conjunction, narrative interviews with the merchant portrait sitters illuminate their personal histories, labors and connections to the area.

Keith Coleman is a NYC-based freelance photographer, assistant. and lighting director. Selected clients have included Martha Stewart Living Magazine, HBO, W Magazine, Sony Pictures, Gourmet Magazine, Details Magazine, Esquire Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, EDUN, Bannana Republic, Purple Magazine, 10 Magazine, Cinemax and NASCAR. Mr. Coleman has traveled the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa to create personal and client-based photographic projects.

(Image credits: [Above] Keith Coleman, “Angelo, 57 years”, 48″x36″, 2011



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